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Krog - Fan Expo 2012 Impression



Upon my travels throughout Fan Expo 2012, I had heard through the grapevine that an indie developer was hiding out in Artist's Alley. Intrigued, I scouted the aisles until I came across Conjured Graphics, makers of the multiplatform dungeon crawler, Krog. Although the game is on three different platforms, the version I was able to try out was for the iPad.

This dungeon crawler follows the story of Krog, a monster sent on a mission for food by his adorable wife. Upon completing his gathering, Krog's wife is kidnapped by the evil forces that reside in Castle Blackgard. What's a poor Krog to do? Why, enter the castle and save his beloved!

My first impression of Krog was that it was too cute for words. I loved the character designs for all the various critters, and I loved the attention to detail within the games colourful environments. The game oozes with such charm and personality that I was grinning from ear to ear. On the iPad players are able to touch anywhere to move Krog about, then when they wish to attack an enemy, they can double-tap it with their finger to use Krog's "om nom" ability. Most of the game's environmental puzzles can be broken down by using Krog's attacks, and guzzling down water holes will allow Krog to progress through the dungeon while also stopping floods of enemies from appearing. Overall, Krog was tons of fun to play, and I'm not going to deny the amount of "om nom" noises I made every time I munched on an enemy.

The touch controls in Krog are smooth and fluid. The game's simplicity definitely works in its favour, as it's great to pick up and play without the heavy time investment that most RPGs demand. All dungeons are randomly generated, and Conjured Graphics has stated that there will be free content patches to subscribers for the rest of 2012. They've also stated that Act 2 of Krog will release on September 30, 2012.

Krog recently released on PC, Mac, and iOS. The PC and Mac versions cost $10, while the iOS versions are $1.99. Krog is based on the Blackgard series of custom toys. For more information about Krog, check out the game's official website, and check back with RPGamer when we post a more in depth impression about the game soon.


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