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Final Fantasy Dimensions Gets a Date and Price


Final Fantasy Dimensions

It may have slipped under many people's radar, but Final Fantasy Dimensions, a new entry in the classic franchise designed for mobile devices, is set to be released on August 31. While it was originally made for Japanese cellphones, for its western release it has been remade for iOS devices and Android. The game will be released as a series of episodes that can be purchased either separately or all at once. The prologue chapter will be free to download and play, the first chapter will cost $2.99, 1.99, or 2.39, and the three remaining chapters will each cost $9.99, 6.99, or 7.99. The complete game can be purchased for $28.99, 19.99, or 22.99.

Final Fantasy Dimensions is a new game crafted in the image of the series' older entries, particularly those from the SNES era. It features sprite-based artwork and a class-change system. Some information can be found at the game's official site, and some new screenshots can be seen both below and in our gallery.

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Final Fantasy Dimensions
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