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Agarest War 2 Expanded in North America, Delayed Again in Europe


Record of Agarest War 2

The latest batch of DLC for Record of Agarest War 2 has been released on PSN. There are various new pieces available in both free and paid forms as described below.

  • Frensberge Specialty Pack 6 ($1.99) – "My god, you thief! Or you might as well be one, buying stuff at these prices! Now presenting the sixth set of Frensberge-themed items! Buy it all, the town needs to gold-plate the bathhouse’s tubs. S.O.C. x 1, Awkward Fantasy x 1, Ice Cream x 1, Destructor x 1, Simpleton’s Sickle x 1, Theater Program x 1."
  • FreeRight to the Blacksmith Pack 11 ($0.00) – "Listen up, all you lazy, cowardly oatmeal warts who can’t be bothered to Convert things on your own! Take the following stuff to Gordon and let him work his magic. Kagetsu’s Light x 1, Kaigetsu’s Light x 1, Fairy Cloth x 1, Tree Frost Drop x 1, War God’s Crown x 1, Blue Ribbon x 1, Divine Crest x 1, Lapis Noster x 1."
  • Four Divine Beasts Pack ($0.00) – "Welcome! Come and feast your eyes on my merchandise! Your Uncle Duke’s super-tour theme today: Excessive Bloodshed! Enjoy! Genbu’s Gauntlet x 1, Seiryu’s Sword x 1, Byakko’s Bracelet x 1, Suzaku’s Ring x 1, Funky Chicken x 1, Chicken Ring x 1."
  • Troglodyte Pack ($0.00) – "Welcome! Come and feast your eyes on my merchandise! Your Uncle Duke’s super-tour theme today: Super Excessive Bloodshed! Enjoy! Rusty Sword x 1, Rusty Bracelet x 1, Rusty Ring x 1, E. O. M. x 1, Black Bustier x 1, Big Black x 1. Wow, Kenshiro has nothing on this stuff."
  • Additional Rough Gallery ($1.99) – "This will unlock the rough gallery items for viewing. Enjoy!"
  • 4th Extra Character ($2.49) – "Hark! Allies that will share in your joys and sorrows have come in droves! Now, it is time to overcome adversity together!"
  • Bonus Point Pack 9 ($5.99) – "Thank you once again for your appalling lack of self-control when it comes to spending money. Today we have prepared a heaping helping of party points just for you. Includes 15,000PP. These points can be shared amongst your entire party. Spread the wealth, create a single superhero, or shower them upon a beloved character; it’s entirely up to you."

Meanwhile the game's European release has been hit by further delays in the manufacturing process, as detailed on the game's regional publisher Ghostlight's official blog. There is currently no new release date set, but Ghostlight is hoping to have more information early next week.

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Record of Agarest War 2
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