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Wasteland 2 Screenshot Poll & Update


Wasteland 2

Mere minutes before we entered inXile's offices today, Brian Fargo posted three new screenshots and a poll in the official Wasteland 2 forums. A couple of weeks ago the team at inXile posted the first public alpha screenshot of Wasteland 2. While the screenshot was largely well received, there was a fair bit of discussion concerning how bright and vibrant the colors were in the shot.

Taking these criticisms to heart, inXile has updated the first shot with some new desaturation filters and updated character models. Heading over to the official forums gamers can have a say via online poll to determine which of these three screenshots will be the default level of saturation for the game. The best part is that even if your choice isn't selected as the winner, all three options will be available, allowing players to choose which saturation suits them best in the final game.

Interestingly enough, the Run to the Sun crew and I got our first look at these screenshots looking over Brian Fargo's shoulder. Brain Fargo is inXile's CEO and is the face of the company, as well as Wasteland 2 during its Kickstarter campaign. It was a surreal experience having him share and explain the poll to us personally. We spent a fair bit of time at inXile today and came out of the studio with a lot of information and interesting stories. We look forward to sharing our Wasteland 2 feature with you in the future.Until then, make sure to vote on the Wasteland 2 forums and have your voice be heard.

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