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Natsume Unleashes The Tides of Destiny


Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny

RPGamer was fortunate to participate in a roundtable interview with Natsume to discuss the its upcoming title Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. Both the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 versions are set to release simultaneously on October 11, two weeks after the original scheduled date of September 27.

Players take on the role of Aden and Sonja, two best friends who are caught in the middle of a mystical event that moves them a hundred years into the future where they end up being forced to share the same body. Players must work towards uncovering the mystery behind this sudden jump to the future. With the help of Ymir, a large golem, Aden and Sonja will be able to explore every island within surrounding areas.

Tides of Destiny, the second Rune Factory title to be released on consoles offers some of the tried-and-true aspects that the series is known for, while also providing new concepts to entice newcomers. Players will be able to farm, romance islanders and befriend monsters like before, but will now be offered two types of combat.

The first is an action-based combat system that is inherent in the DS versions, while the second are grand-scale monster battles where players take control of the golem, Ymir. These secondary battles will offer an added variety unique to Tides of Destiny. This will also be the first Rune Factory title that will allow players to pick the option of a female protagonist. When asked if Tides of Destiny would have party support like Rune Factory 3, Natsume stated that it was not there, but players will still be able to befriend various monsters and have them help perform various tasks such as watering crops or helping in combat.

Another aspect from Rune Factory 3 that is making a return is the request bulletin system. Aden and Sonja will be able to take requests from the islanders. Doing requests will strengthen friendships and create possible romances. While traversing through the islands, islanders may request specific items or participate in interactive events. While the story is quite linear, the game is quite vast in size with tons to explore and discover. In fact, Natsume said finishing the main quest alone will likely take players at least sixty hours to complete.

While the Rune Factory series has primary stayed on Nintendo consoles and handhelds, Tides of Destiny will be the first release hitting the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3 version will have a few extra features that will not be apparent in the Wii version such as trophy support and an online ranking system. The game also supports use of Sony's Move controller. For Wii owners, there will be no online content or classics controller support. In exchange for this lack of features, Natsume is offering the Wii version at $39.99, while the PlayStation 3 version will retail for $49.99. Check back with RPGamer when Tides of Destiny releases for our staff review by yours truly.

RPGamer would like to thank Natsume for taking the time to speak with us.

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