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DC Universe Online Goes Free-to-Play


DC Universe Online

Nine months after its release, DC Universe Online has announced that it is going free-to-play. No specific date has yet been given for the switchover, but it is expected in late October.

Using a similar system to other subscription-based games that have introduced a free option, there will be three payment levels for DC Universe Online. Free players will have limited character, inventory, and auction slots, but will be able to purchase more in the game's DLC store. They will need to pay for access to any DLC content and will only be able to carry 1500 units of in-game currency. Players who spend at least $5 in the DLC store will be converted to Premium status, which expands the amount of all perks given to free characters and gives players the ability to trade items with others. A "Legendary" subscription option will still be available, giving players full access to DLC expansions and the ability to trade currency and lead guilds.

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DC Universe Online
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