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Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI Arrive on PSN


Square Enix

Sony announced on the Official PlayStation Blog that Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI will come to the PSN as PSOne Classics this week. Both games are beloved classics from the late SNES era, but the versions on the PSN will almost certainly be the games' PS1 ports, which included both some FMV sequences and additional loading times. Both games are already available from a wide variety of other sources, but fans of Sony's downloadable releases will find a lot to enjoy with these two games.

UPDATE: Sony gave a retraction of this news via Twitter, stating that the news on its blog was erroneous. It isn't clear whether Sony got the timeframe wrong or the release of those games is itself untrue, but they are certainly not coming to the PSN as soon as previously reported.

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Chrono Trigger | Final Fantasy VI
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