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New Gameplay Details for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Famitsu has recently provided a large amount of information about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. One of the new game mechanics is the "Command Matrix" system. In this game, the commands that characters perform are more akin to equipped items than learned skills. With the Command Matrix, players will be able to fuse two of these commands together, destroying the two original commands and creating a new, more powerful command. One example is combining the Thunder command with the Rise Upper command to get the Thunder Blade command.

Another feature of Re:coded is its variety of options for replaying completed areas. From the world selection screen, the player can choose to play through the area's story again, challenge the area's boss in a score attack mode, or freely explore the area to find optional dungeons and quests. The game will keep a record of the player's best score and how many dungeons and quests have been completed.

Finally, many more details about the game's Tag Mode have been revealed. In addition to traditional things like personal avatars and profiles, players will be able to share dungeon floors. Each player will be able to choose a few variables for a custom dungeon floor which will be exchanged in Tag Mode. When a player collects these, they are combined together into a large optional dungeon called the Avatar System Area that can grow to have up to one hundred floors. These large dungeons will increase in difficulty as the player climbs floors, but offer an opportunity to acquire a lot of items and commands.

In addition to building giant dungeons, Tag Mode has a few other gameplay benefits. Participating in Tag Mode lets a player acquire virtual scratch cards that can provide commands and avatar customization parts, and exchanging information with many other players increases an avatar's happiness level, which improves the drop rate of items in the game. However, it is also possible for viruses to appear and infect avatars. If that happens, the avatar's happiness will plummet to zero and the player will need to dive into the Avatar System Area to get rid of the problem.

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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
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