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Nomura Opens His Kingdom Heart to Famitsu


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In an interview with Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura talked about the next few games in the Kingdom Hearts series. Although he didn't have any news for fans who are waiting for a Kingdom Hearts 3 on an HD console, he had plenty to say to portable gamers.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix introduces the changes from the North American version of the game to Japanese players, but adds a few new features as well. Nomura said the biggest change from the North American version will be a new boss fight with a man in a black coat, which will set players up for future series developments. There will also be a new secret movie in the Final Mix, although Nomura did not provide any details about this movie or how it is unlocked.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded, which is due to release in Japan next month, will have an extensive avatar system with over 800 parts. Nomura revealed that the game's tag mode system will assist players in obtaining rare parts, as they will receive any rare parts equipped by other players with whom they interact in tag mode. Re:Coded will also have a trophy system like the one found in Birth By Sleep. It will include around thirty trophies, and players will need to obtain about twenty trophies in order to view the game's secret movie.

Finally, Nomura confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3D will be the next game in the series. Planned (naturally) for the 3DS, the game's final title is yet to be decided. The team for BBS Final Mix is currently moving over to Kingdom Hearts 3D as they finish their work on the prior game. Development has already begun in Osaka, and Nomura hopes to announce more information about the game soon. Although BBS Final Mix is extremely unlikely to release outside of Japan, Re: Coded and Kingdom Hearts 3D have both been announced for North American releases.

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