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Knights in the Nightmare PSP Delayed, Free Yggdra Union Offered


Atlus News

Atlus has announced that its port of Knights in the Nightmare to PSP has been slightly delayed, to November 9, 2010. In penance for this nigh-inexcusable delay, Atlus is offering a free download of Yggdra Union with every launch copy of the game, including (for a limited time) Playstation Network purchases.

There's a reason why Yggdra Union was chosen for this offer, too. "One of the features exclusive to the upcoming PSP system release of Knights in the Nightmare is the ability to play as Princess Yggdra," explains Atlus PR and Sales Manager Aram Jabbari. Beyond that connection, however, the games are rather different. Yggdra Union is a tactical RPG with card-based battles, while Knights in the Nightmare is a unique blend of tactical RPG and bullet-hell shooter. Originally released for the Nintendo DS, the PSP port of Knights in the Nightmare features remastered visuals and sounds, optimized controls, and a new opening movie.

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