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White Knight Enhances Online for NA


White Knight Chronicles

New information has been revealed about the online functionality of Sony's upcoming RPG, White Knight Chronicles. There are three features that become available online after completing the first chapter of the story mode: GeoNet, Georama, and Subquests.

GeoNet is an online portal for the game where players can socialize with others outside of the game itself. There are options for blogging and even posting in-game pictures on GeoNet, so it is more of a social networking feature of the game.

Georama is a new feature where players can create their own unique town which acts as an in-game hub for online play. Players have options for how they want to organize their building all the way down to modifications to the earth itself. But this town isn't just for players to spend time alone in, it's open for up to a dozen people to enter and interact in. NPCs from the story mode can also be recruited to come live in these towns, which will help to further customize the experience. Players in North America and in Europe will be able to interact with each other via these towns upon the game's release.

Subquests are the more active aspect of the online mode of White Knight Chronicles. Players can team up with friends or be paired with random people in order to complete quests together. There are fifty quests that will be available at launch with more added via DLC. As players complete these quests they will gain points to improve their guild rank. As that rank increases more quests and equipment become available. Voice chat has also been confirmed for online play as well when the game hits in Spring 2010.

The North American and European editions will also feature Live Talk, a system from Rogue Galaxy where characters in the story mode will talk randomly about whatever is going on at the moment. This and all of the updates the Japanese version has received since it launched in 2008 will be on the disc at launch.

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