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Hints of Yakuza 3 Abound


Yakuza 3

Earlier this summer, Sega's Ray Almeda stirred up lots of drama by stating on his twitter account that Sega would not bring Yakuza 3 stateside. This was later retracted by Sega with the official comment of "at this time, we can not confirm nor deny that Yakuza 3 will be coming over to the states."

Now, new reports from state that the game is coming to North America and cite "sources close to the project" as their reference. There has still been no official comment from Sega other than "Yakuza 3 is not cancelled and the possibility for localizing it does, in fact, still exist."

While RPGamer has no official confirmation either, we can state that Ignition's Shane Bettenhausen commented to us that Ignition would have a big game announcement at this week's Tokyo Game Show. There was also inquiry from Bettenhausen as to whether or not RPGamer covered games on the outskirts of traditional RPGs.

Yakuza 3 could fit both a big title for Ignition and a non-traditional RPG. Also, Shane Bettenhausen's former ties to could easily be the inside source, but RPGamer cannot state for a fact that either is the case. With Tokyo Game Show only days away, we can only wait and see, but things are looking up for Yakuza 3's chances.

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Yakuza 3
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