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Gallian Recruits Called to Duty in 2010


Valkyria Chronicles 2

SEGA of America and SEGA Europe both announced today that Valkyria Chronicles 2 will be coming to the PSP in North America and Europe in summer of 2010. The game picks up two years after the end of the original as Gallian cadets get caught up in the middle of a civil war. Sega promises stories of friendship, love, and growing pains.

Sean Ratcliffe, VP of Marketing for SEGA of America states "Valkyria Chronicles is a genuine hidden gem on PS3. It was one of the PS3's most highly rated tactical RPGs so we're delighted to offer PSP system owners to play Valkyria Chronicles 2. It's one of our most cherished franchises so we hope the fans will welcome this exclusive sequel." RPGamer will agree with it being a hidden gem, as it won both RPG of the Year and Most Overlooked RPG for 2008.

Sega's "CANVAS" engine is being redesigned to work with the PSP system. With it Sega says they will be able to show of the game's twenty new environments. The game's "BLiTZ" combat system has been altered to allow for more freedom of movement in battle.

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Valkyria Chronicles 2: The Royal Military Academy
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