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Record of Agarest War Breeding its Way to North America


Record of Agarest War

Record of Agarest War, along with its mildly suggestive adult-themed artwork, is a PlayStation 3 strategy RPG that has up to now only been released in Japan. However, the game now appears to be coming to North America as a download on the PlayStation Network. Agarest War features strategic battlefields and a system that allows players to influence future generations of their characters by pursuing relationships with females.

Aksys Games will be bringing this title overseas, though specific details such as price and release date are still unknown. There is no indication that Agarest War will be released in retail stores; it will only be available on the PlayStation Network. The game's teaser website, featuring a possibly NSFW image, is now available to view. And, as the teaser website indicates, more information should be coming soon.

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Record of Agarest War
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