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Card Wars in Neverland


Neverland Card War

YUKE'S Company of America has announced that the widely successful PlayStation 2 game in Japan, Cardinal Arc: The Neverland Card War, is coming to North America on the PSP this October as Neverland Card Battles. Atlus USA is distributing the game with enhanced new cut-scenes, controls, updated sound and graphics, and an ad hoc multiplayer mode allowing two players to go head-to-head in card battles.

In Neverland, humans and demons ravage the land in their relentless wars, the chaos boiling from their hate for one another threatening to revive an evil god named Hellgaia from his tomb. In Neverland Card Battles, players take on the role of Galahad, Dominator able to utilize the ethereal power within the land's Spectral Cards. To prevent the coming of judgment day and save Neverland, the young and foolhardy Galahad is on a quest to banish Hellgaia back to his tomb.

As of yet, an exact release date has not been confirmed, but Ken Koyama, Manager of Product Development at YUKE'S Company of America, promises Neverland Card Battles to be released this Fall and "will offer one of the finest card-strategy games ever created for the PSP." For more information, RPGamers can check out the website.

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Neverland Card Battles
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