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XSEED and Marvelous Team Up to Flood E3



Valhalla Knights 2 and Little King's Story have been announced for some time now, but now Marvelous and XSEED have announced a handful of new RPGs and other games coming to North America. First on the RPG list is the Nintendo Wii fantasy Harvest Moon game, Rune Factory: Frontier. The second RPG is Avalon Code for the Nintendo DS. Both of these RPGs will be shown at E3 along with Little King's Story, but Valhalla Knights 2 will be playable.

Rune Factory: Frontier is the third game in the series and will be released in the first quarter of 2009 for the Wii. It will take full advantage of the Nintendo Wii's motion controls and will contain the same open-ended gameplay found in the two DS titles.

Avalon Code is being developed by Matrix, the studio that handled the remakes of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV for the DS. As an action RPG, players will be in direct control of their characters. They can modify weapon and monster attributes at any time by using the Book of Prophecy. Players can opt to be either male or female with the story changing to fit the chosen gender. Avalon Code will release Q1 of 2009 as well.

Outside the RPG-realm, but still of interest are three more titles: Populous DS, KORG DS-10, and Retro Game Challenge. Populous DS handheld version of the God simulation game for PC with DS features coming this fall. KORG DS-10 is a music-creation program for the DS coming in the fall as well. Retro Game Challenge was known as Game Center CX in Japan and is very original, taking players back in time and giving a new twist on classic games. It will be released this winter in North America.

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