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Undiscovered tri-Ace RPG Coming to North America


Infinite Undiscovery

From tri-Ace Inc., developers of the Star Ocean series and the Valkyrie Profile series, comes the new fantasy RPG Infinite Undiscovery. This Square Enix published title will be available for the Xbox 360 and will feature a world where discovering something new will have a real-time impact on the game world.

As previously reported, Infinite Undiscovery features what is being referred to as "situational battles" that will have players acting in real-time. Characters will have to escape from powerful enemies or do battle in the midst of raging tidal waves. These real-time environments will vary depending on what commands the player chooses, essentially offering a unique experience depending on the decisions that are made. Everything will take place in real-time, as adventuring and battle will seamlessly transition together. Combat is claimed to be similar to that of the Star Ocean series.

This Xbox 360 title has no estimated release date currently, but has been confirmed for North American release. While Infinite Undiscovery has not been announced as part of the Tokyo Game Show linup, that doesn't rule out that more details could be forthcoming at the show next week.

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Infinite Undiscovery
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