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Square Enix Announces Its Newest Xbox 360 Project


Square Enix

Square Enix stepped on to the stage during Microsoft's pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference today to talk about two of the company's upcoming projects for the Xbox 360. The first title was the previously announced Infinite Undiscovery, developed by tri-Ace, and the second was the multiplatform title, The Last Remnant. The latter title will not be playayble at TGS, though it will have a trailer.

Infinite Undiscovery had previously been announced as an Action RPG from tri-Ace, with the publisher announced as Microsoft Game Studios. Square Enix has now taken over those duties, as well as taking of the production of the game. The game's main theme is "Situation Battle," where the game's situations will be continually evolving. The game will be completely real-time, with nearly seamless transitions between gameplay, battles, and cutscenes. The game will not even pause the action when players access in-game menus. Though it is currently unavailable, the official site will be found here.

As of right now, neither game has a release date, though for Infinite Undiscovery the game will "hopefully" be released in the near future. The Last Remnant was the last game shown at the event and all that was mentioned regarding its release was that the game is still currently scheduled for simultaneous release in North America and Japan. Stay tuned to RPGamer for news and media coverage for the Tokyo Game Show beginning September 20.

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