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Mega Man Star Force Unveiled



The confusion over what to call Capcom's first original Mega Man RPG on the DS has finally come to an end. First announced for Japan as Shinsei Rockman ZN (or Rebirth Mega Man ZN), the game was later officially dubbed Ryusei no Rockman (which roughly translates as Mega Man Shooting Star). Now, with Capcom picking up the game for US release, Americans will be able to settle on a final name: Mega Man Star Force.

Mega Man Star Force is developed by the same team that created the Game Boy Advance's Battle Network series. Rather than taking place on the internet, as the Battle Network games did, Star Force takes place in a futuristic world where battles occur on electromagnetic waves.

The game features a new hero, a young boy named Subaru Hoshikawa. By combining with Warlock, an alien he discovers, he can form Mega Man and begin to fight in the electromagnetic realm. Star Force's battle system is an upgraded version of what was featured in the Battle Network games, with the grid-based movement system. This time, however, the battles take place in 3D with an over-the-shoulder perspective placed behind Mega Man. Attacks are performed by utilizing cards placed on the DS's touch screen, and this time around the cards have been imbued with elemental attributes for added strategy. The game also uses the system's Wifi capabilities to allow the player to link with up to six friends to unlock new abilities, combos, and share a user profile.

Mega Man Star Force will ship to North American retailers in fall 2007. The game will come in three versions: Pegasus, which is centered around the water element and contains an Ice Slash attack; Leo, which uses the fire element for a Flame Burner attack; and Dragon, which uses the earth element for a Wood Shot attack.

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Mega Man Star Force
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