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Harvest Moon Wii Details Sprout Up



A recent Famitsu issue revealed details about Harvest Moon Wii. Specifically, the use of the Wiimote and some information on the story were explained.

Harvest Moon Wii will make use of the motion-sensing Wiimote for many farming chores. To till the soil, swing the Wiimote like a hoe. To water plants, tilt it downwards, as if holding a watering can. Pressing left or right on the D-pad cycles through the various tools, most of which will probably be used in similar ways. Pressing down disables all tools. The A button will be a general action button for such things as speaking to people and opening doors.

Harvest Moon Wii takes place on an island where a giant tree grows. A goddess also protects this island. One day, the tree suddenly dries up and the goddess disappears. A group of creatures called Koropokuru arrives to call upon the player to nurse the land back to life, befriend other characters, and eventually revive the great tree and call the goddess back.

Harvest Moon Wii was originally announced at E3 2006. So far, there is no firm release date for either Japan or North America.

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