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Two DS RPGs Hit Stores


Nintendo DS

Two new RPGs for the Nintendo DS handheld have shipped to North American retailers. UbiSoft has shipped Lunar: Dragon Song, the latest entry in the long-running GameArts franchise, while Konami Digital Entertainment has shipped Lost in Blue.

Lunar: Dragon Song occurs 1,000 years before the events of Lunar: The Silver Star and follows Jian and his friends as they attempt to stop the rise of a group of demons threatening the power of the Goddess Althena. The game features wireless LAN connectivity and allows the DS's voice recognition capabilities to be used in issuing commands to the characters. RPGamer has a preview of Lunar: Dragon Song, which you can find here.

Lost in Blue takes place on an island where a young boy finds himself after an accident at sea. He must join with another survivor and find a way to stay alive on the strange island. To do so, he must master tasks like fishing, building shelter, and making fire, all while furthering his relationship with the other survivor, who happens to be female.

Both games have ESRBs of E10+, and ship with a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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