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RPG Maker 3 Gets Shiny


RPG Maker 3 / Enterbrain

A press release today confirmed that Agetec's forthcoming RPG creation title, RPG Maker 3 has gone gold -- that is, development is finished and the finished game is being sent out to manufacturers for duplication -- and is ready for shipment to North American shores on September 20, a slight delay from the expected date of September 3. Gamers can snag a pre-order at either or

With this latest installment in the Designer Series, developer Enterbrain has attempted to simplify the fantasy world creation process with a more streamlined interface and easy-to-use toolset, which includes a sprite-based map editor. A large array of events and story elements will be made available to the player, as well as numerous characters, animations, spells, weapons, and abilities, all of which can be placed throughout the environment at the designer's will.

RPG Maker 3 is a one-player affair with an ESRB rating of E10+, for Everyone 10+. Gamers desiring more information can visit

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RPG Maker 3
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