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Makai Kingdom Announced for Europe


Makai Kingdom

Koei has announced today that it will continue its relationship with NIS by publishing Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome for the PlayStation 2 in Europe on October 28. As previously announced, the title shipped in North America today and was previously released in Japan on March 17.

Commenting on the release of Makai Kingdom, David Hope, General Manager of Koei Ltd said, "I am delighted to be continuing our working relationship with Nippon Ichi with the release of Makai Kingdom. We have been building the interest and fan base for Nippon Ichi titles in Europe over the past two years and this release is a significant step forward in this process."

In Makai Kingdom, players will command an army to reclaim the Netherworld for Lord Zetta, who finds himself currently trapped inside a book. Those looking for more details on this title are urged to check Koei's official tactical RPG site.

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Makai Kingdom
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