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The Lord of the Rings Invades PSP


The Lord of the Rings Tactics / Electronic Arts

Today, publisher/developer Electronic Arts announced that it had acquired the rights to develop a series of games based on J.R.R. Tolkien's renowned fantasy trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. Up until this point the company has only been allowed to develop titles based on Peter Jackson's theatrical interpretation of said trilogy. With its newly expanded rights, EA hopes to portray scenarios, events, characters, and other aspects of the story that have thus far remained untapped. Two games have been put into production with the acquisition of the aforementioned rights: The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth II, a PC real-time strategy game, and The Lord of the Rings Tactics (working title), a PSP tactical RPG.

The latter of those titles will, of course, transpire in the Middle-Earth universe, where players will be able to control either the Fellowship or the forces of Sauron. EA is aiming to provide a decent amount of character customization, a large number of items, and a deep system of upgrades and skills. Battle commands will involve protecting heroes, seizing high ground, and setting ambushes and traps. Additionally, The Lord of the Rings Tactics will make use of the PSP's WiFi capabilities, which will enable players to confront up to four other living opponents and their customized heroes. A simultaneous turn system will ensure that battles don't suffer from too much down time.

The Lord of the Rings Tactics has not yet been tagged with a release of any kind. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more information as it is revealed.

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The Lord of the Rings Tactics
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