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Legendia Battle Tidbits


Tales of Legendia

Along with the nice new battle screenshots uncovered yesterday came a few battle details for Namco's upcoming RPG Tales of Legendia.

When fleeing from battle, a countdown timer will appear, and only when this timer reaches zero will the character be able to run away. The time it takes for the timer to run down depends on the enemy's level and speed compared to the character's level and speed. The option to set your character to auto mode is also available, in which the character fights for himself.

In addition to previous reports of symbols during battle, there will also be a "caution" symbol. This is a clock-shaped symbol that appears over both party members' and enemies' heads, indicating how long until that character's next strike. Only when the circle is completely yellow will the character attack.

Tales of Legendia is slated to be released in Japan in late 2005, and a North American release date is set to follow in February 2006. Stay tuned to RPGamer for more updates.

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Tales of Legendia
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