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Dragon Quest VIII Tenses Up



More details have been released regarding the battle system in Square Enix's upcoming title Dragon Quest VIII. Specifically, it appears the game is borrowing a page from its developer's other big series, as a limit break-style attack has been added to the mix. The command, known as "Strengthen," will enable characters to significantly increase damage, while also boosting experience gains in battle.

Characters using Strengthen sit out a turn in battle, but in exchange, they enter a state of "High Tension" after a certain amount of charging. Characters thusly affected receive significant boosts to accuracy and attack power while in High Tension, which is visible through light effects surrounding the character. It is also possible to achieve a state of "Super High Tension" when the strengthen command is used repeatedly, although this is a time-consuming maneuver (subsequent Strengthenings also cost a turn.)

There is more payoff for using Tension attacks than just the added damage they provide. Characters who successfully raise Tension levels will receive extra experience for fights, and so while it may consume extra time, it does help characters gain levels more rapidly. As an added twist, however, certain monsters are also able to use Strengthen abilities, and if players do not deal with these baddies in short order, they risk annihilation at the hands of a Super High Tension attack.

Though DQVIII is slated for release later this year in Japan, it does not appear it will be on display at the upcoming TGS later this month. There have also been no plans announced as of yet to bring the game to North America or Europe.

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