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Square Enix Formally Introduces Dragon Quest VIII Cast


Square Enix

The cast of Dragon Quest VIII, previously only known by their names and portraits, has now been fully revealed by Square Enix. Each character has his or her unique background and role in the party.

Yangus, the party's main source of brute force, wields a huge axe and sees the hero as his little brother. The female lead, Jessica, is naturally inclined to use magic, especially deadly attack spells. She comes from a well-to-do family, but Jessica and her mother sometimes have disagreements. Kukuru, the silver-haired fighter, is a member of a monastery's military unit. His unique uniform shows that he is of a higher rank, and he can attack with both his magic skills and his sword. The final cast member is Torode, a short green-skinned character. This sage-like figure will not participate in battle, but instead coach the team from the sidelines and manage their items.

Dragon Quest VIII will arrive in Japan sometime this winter. Square Enix has not yet announced a North American release.

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