Good News for KOTOR, Not so Good for Fable

In what should only be a small surprise to its owners, Microsoft announced a piece of good news about the performance of Kinghts of the Old Republic (KOTOR) at its annual financial analyst meeting. Apparently, in only four days of sales, KOTOR has already racked up 250,000 units sold and is still going quite strong. Little wonder, considering the work which Bioware put into the game, and the anticipation which has been following the game's release during its year and a half of delays.

Unfortunately though, fans of Peter Molyneux's new RPG for the XBox, Fable, are not in for a similar announcement any time soon. Feeling the game still needs more work after five years of development, it was announced that Lionheart Studios has pushed back the release of Fable to spring of 2004.

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by Gabriel Putnam    
Sources: [Gamerfeed]

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