Shining the Light on Boktai's Multiplayer

Up until now, it had been rumored that Konami's sun-sensitive vampire hunting game, Boktai, would have a multiplayer mode. However, little was actually known about what this would encompass until Konami JPN revealed some additional tidbits about both the combat mode and interplayer item trading scheme for the game.

As the name suggests, multiplayer will be composed of a battle royal on one of the game's isometric battlefields with up to four particpants. To win the combat, players will need to strike and knock out their opponents with shots from their Gun del Sol. Every time they do this, their opponents will release a coin which can be collected by the players, and whoever has the most at the end will win the battle. In addition, after the battle is over, these coins can be taken back into the single player game and used to purchase items for Django.

Alongside the combat there will also be an item trading feature, which will allow players from varying copies of Boktai to trade both their common and rare items. This is only mildly useful for the common items, however, within Boktai there are a number of exceptionally rare items; so rare in fact that only one of them may be picked up on any play through the game. However, to circumvent this limitation, players will be able to obtain more of these special items, called crests, by trading them amongst friends. Yet another excuse to get out and play this title with your peers in the light of day.

Boktai was released yesterday in Japan and is scheduled for a September release in North America. Unfortunately though, no mention of a release for Europe has yet been made.

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by Gabriel Putnam    

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