Digital Legends Announces Nightfall Dragons

Barcelona based developer Digital Legends has announced that it has begun development on a new action/RPG game, entitled Nightfall Dragons. Digital Legends wants to bring gamers "an epic world, inhabited by mythical creatures, legendary art martial masters, invulnerable fortresses, secret monasteries and incredible natural landscapes." Furthermore, Digital Legends is developing a new game engine to bring this world to life. Among the stated goals of the new engine are:

• Extremely realistic and complex natural and artificial scenarios.

• BRDF and global lighting techniques dramatically increase photo-realism.

• Dynamic shadows and volumetric lighting calculation.

• Characters present facial animation, muscles, robes and hair.

• A continuous world in permanent evolution. Climatological phenomena (rain, snow, fog…). Sun lighting changing on day time.

Nightfall Dragons is currently under development with a "multiplatform" release in mind. More information can be viewed on Digital Legend's website. An official website has been set up at, though there have not been any updates to the site as of yet. Be sure to stay with RPGamer for more news as it develops.

by Justin Harwood    
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