Dragon Drive Headed For Japan

Bandai's new tactical RPG Dragon Drive is stated to be released to Japanese gamers next month. Dragon Drive, based on a popular anime of the same name, is a story of a group of kids who can summon dragons from inside trading cards to battle their enemies. The game is mission-based, with special training and tutorial missions, as well as special missions where players can acquire new cards and new party members. Only very sketchy information has been released on the party size or card types

At this time, Bandai has given no indication whether or not this game will hit the shores of the U.S., but so far it doesn't look likely. The game is being released for the PSX in Japan on October 3rd. The price will be 5800 yen, or about $45 US.

by Kathleen Bevilacqua    
Sources: [The Magicbox]
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