Square Lines Up Sponsorship Left and Right

Roughly a week after announcing nVidia's extensive involvement in the development of Final Fantasy XI, Square has once again teamed up with a large hardware developer in the PC world to further enhance the promotion of its upcoming Japanese foray into the PC world of MMORPGs. This time, the bedfellow is Dell Computers; among various products it will use to market its Dimension 8200 and Dimension 4500 PCs, Final Fantasy XI will feature prominently. The game will come bundled with all Dimension 8200 and 4500 systems, a definite bonus for Japanese gamers looking to purchase both the game and a new computer.

Final Fantasy XI has had some success in the Japanese market, although various difficulties have plagued the game from the get-go. The company hopes the PC release of the game, set for November 7 in Japan, will kickstart its fortunes and help achieve the level of subscription required to make the game viable. North American release plans are currently set for next year, although this localization has recently been called into question by some.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Square Insider]
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