Dark Chronicle Characters Gain New Abilities

Sony has released more information concerning Dark Chronicle, its follow-up to the Play Station 2 Action-RPG Dark Cloud. The game's two protagonists, Yuris and Monica, will have both have access to vastly differrent special abilities. Yuris' ability, called 'machinery', allows Yuris to control the various mechanincal items he encounters on his journey, including mechanical beasts and vehicles. Yuris will also be able to modify and upgrade these machines with the parts and gears he recieves while traversing the game's dungeons.

Monica, Yuris' companion, just happens to be a sorceress. As such, her ability 'transformation' is more in keeping with that particular line of work. The 'transformation' ability allows Monica to, as the name suggests, transform into the various monsters found in the game. While transformed, Monica can use their attacks and abilities as well as communicate with monsters of the same type.

Dark Chronicle will also include fish-based minigames. Players can catch fish in various rivers throughout the game, train them for entry into tournaments, and compete for prizes. Players will have an aquarium to keep fish in while they play the game. Dark Chronicle is set to be released on November 28 in Japan.

by Justin Harwood    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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