Tales of Destiny 2 Gets Release Date and Theme Song

Namco's upcoming Play Station 2 RPG, Tales of Destiny 2 has been given a Japanese release date. Tales of Destiny 2 will reach Japanese gamers on November 28, with a retail price of 6800 yen (about $55). Additionally, the game has also been given a theme song. The song, Key to my Heart, will be performed by singer Mai Kuraki. A CD single of the theme song will be released on October 23.

Tales of Destiny 2 is Namco's latest entry into its long-running 'Tales' series. The story involves Kile Durnamis, the son of the hero Stahn from the original Tales of Destiny. The battle system will be a modified version of the LMBS system used in the first game, and will be heavily reliant on spiritual points, or SP, to determine the accuracy of attacks. Players are awarded Batlle Grade Points based upon their performance in battle, which are then used to enhanace equipment. For more information on Tales of Destiny 2, be sure to check out our complete coverage here, and be sure to stay with RPGamer for all your RPG news.

by Justin Harwood    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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