Time Before Unlimited Saga Release Apparently Not So Unlimited; FFXI PC Release Soon Also

Having announced the game only a few months ago, Square is now readying itself to release Unlimited SaGa. The company plans to unleash the title upon Japanese gamers December 19, right in the thick of the holiday season. Not content to rest on that, Square then went on to announce the PC version of Final Fantasy XI would be released in Japan on November 7.

Maintaining the traditional feel of the SaGa series, while ushering in new graphical technology, this release marks the second major Square series to make its way to the current generation of consoles, after Final Fantasy. The game features highly abstract graphical sequences, and virtually no story information has been released as yet. There is no word as to if or when the game will make it to North America. Final Fantasy XI, meanwhile, should make it to North America in 2003, in both PC and PlayStation 2 form.

by Andrew Long    
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