Third Breath of Fire V Character Introduced

Ryu and Nina won't be travelling alone in Shelter during their adventure, it seems; Capcom has unveiled a third playable character for Breath of Fire V. Lun=XX is a member of the Trinity faction, and as this agency is anti-government, she has had her government ID number blotted out. Her special ability in the game will be the Charge Shot, which will enable her to send a blast of energy against enemies at a distance; however, it will require a charge time.

Capcom has also revealed the other main characters' special moves; Ryu will be able to perform the Dragon Dash, a lunging move that sends enemies flying, while Nina's skill is Item Vacuum, which enables her to acquire items in the surrounding area, as well as to discover hidden items. All the fun begins in Japan on November 14, when the game is set to release there. A North American release should follow sometime next year.

by Andrew Long    
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