Capcom Announces Singer for Breath of Fire V Theme Song, New Character

The esteemed Chihiro Onitsuka has recently been signed by Capcom to do the theme song for the upcoming Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, which will appear on the PlayStation 2. The theme song, currently "in the works," will appear on Onitsuka's upcoming album, which is currently unnamed.

Onitsuka, who had previously created a theme song called "Gekkou" ("Moonlight") for the Japanese television drama "Trick", has been a regular part of Japanese pop culture since she appeared on the scene in early 2000. It can be expected that her music will be used in advertising propaganda once the release date draws a bit closer.

Two other tidbits on the game have been released by Capcom as well: a third main character, and the introduction of special abilities for the three main characters. The third main character's name is Lun=XX. Since she's part of Trinity, an anti-government organization, her ID number has been kept secret. Lun's special ability is the Charge Shot, sending a long-reaching energy blast at enemies. The downside is it requires time to charge. Ryu's is the Dragon Dash, which can send enemies flying. Nina's, being the Item Vacuum, can draw visible and hidden items from the surrounding area to herself..

While Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter has no official release date in the US, it is expected sometime in 2003. Meanwhile, Japanese gamers will receive this latest addition to the Breath of Fire series on November 14th.

by Kathleen Bevilacqua    
Sources: [GameSpot]
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