Further Details on RPG Maker 2 Emerge

Agetec clarified some details surrounding its release of ASCII Entertainment's RPG Maker 2. While the publisher had originally hoped for a late 4th quarter 2002 release, they've chosen to push that back to a February 2003 target release date. No specifics were given regarding the delay.

Fortunately, the Play Station 2 game will support any USB keyboard, which is good news for anyone who was frustrated by the previous game's controller-based text interface. Additionally, the game maker will feature a short, stand-alone RPG created by the Dragon Warrior team. The game was created using nothing but RPG Maker 2's tools and editors, so fans can expect an impressive display of what the game maker can do in knowledgable hands. The game maker itself is essentially a next-generation version of the game that appeared on the Playstation in late 2000. The game maker allows you to customize and create an entire RPG using an extensive game-editing program, and then allows you to put it onto a memory card so that anyone having a Play Station 2 and a copy of RPG Maker 2 can experience your creation. For a better idea of what the game maker is like, check out our screenshots here, and be sure to stay with RPGamer for all of your RPG Maker news.

by Justin Harwood    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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