Final Fantasy Tactics Teaser Site Online

In an effort to raise the anticipation for its Gameboy Advance strategy/RPG even more, Square has opened a teaser site for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Unfortunately, there's nothing on the website except a clock counting down towards launch, which occurs on September 20th; the same day as the beginning of the Tokyo Game Show.

Very little is currently known about teaser site for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. We are certain that the job system will be making a return, and the game is set in a universe entirely separate from that in FFT on the PlayStation.

The story recounts the exploits of a young man named Muse, who discovers a book named Final Fantasy. The protagonist wishes his world was more the fantasy universe described in the book, and, as happens so frequently, his world is overrun by monsters and warriors outfitted in swords and armor. It's up to Muse and his friends, a boy named Marsh and a girl, Ritz, to restore things to the way they're supposed to be.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is due out in Japan later this year. No North American release has been announced, but we'll keep you updated on its status.

by Christian Kontul    
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