Enix Trots Out Torneko 3 Release Date

Enix has revealed its Dragon Warrior spinoff Torneko 3: Mysterious Dungeon will be released in Japan this October. The title puts players in the role of Torneko, a portly merchant from Dragon Warrior IV. For the first time, Torneko will be able to gather a party of fellow adventurers from among the various folks he meets along his journey. Enix is also introducing fully 3-D environmments in what marks another first for the series.

Whether or not Torneko 3 makes it to North America is anyone's guess; the previous game in the series did, however, so it is at least likely. No pricing information was made available with the announcement, but it will likely be commensurate with other PlayStation 2 titles.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamefront]
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