Tales of World 2 Details, Release Date

Some character information, as well as a release date, have been revealed for Namco's Game Boy Advance RPG, Tales of World: Narikiri's Dungeon 2. There are two main characters, a male and a female, both of whom grew up in an orphanage. The boy Furio lost his parents in an attack, leaving him orphaned. Furio is skilled with his hands and apprenticed to a blacksmith, but is not so taken with learning. He also has a slightly lazy streak, and neglects his work from time to time. Lamentably, during these times, he is often given over to mischief, and as a result, he often irritates the adults around him.

Still, Furio is good at heart, and wants to reach the independence ceremony that will free him from the orphanage in order to ease the burden on the institution. In the end, Furio is seen as a failure, but his impulsive nature and skill with his hands make him a good candidate for adventuring; thus, there may be some hope for him yet.

The female lead in Tales of World 2 is named Kyaro; she grew up in the same orphanage as Furio, but is a different person. While Furio is mischievious and impulsive, Kyaro is serious and firm, which often leads to her rebuking Furio for his errant ways. Despite this outward attitude, however, Kyaro secretly envies Furio's contrasting nature. She likes Furio, but is irritated by his tendency to drool over any pretty girl who wanders by. Still, she decides to go along with him anyway, if only to gripe at him about it.

On top of all this character info, Namco has also announced Tales of World 2's Japanese release date, as well as the corresponding pricing. The company plans to see the game in stores on October 25, where it will retail for 4800 yen, or a little over $40.00 US. There has been no North American release announced as yet.

by Andrew Long    
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