Tales of Destiny 2 Character Profiles

Namco has updated the character profile section of its Tales of Destiny 2 website, and complete profiles of four characters are now available. As is already known, the main character is Kile Dunamis, son of the hero from the game's prequel. Stahn's son has never seen his father, and he knows only that he wants to be a hero, too. Kyle is pretty impulsive, although he is also wary of his surroundings. Once someone crosses him, though, he usually acts without thinking, which causes his brother Loni no end of irritation. Kyle is 15, and about average height.

The female protagonist is Reala, a mysterious girl who appeared suddenly in Kyle's hometown without explanation. Though full of curiosity and intelligence, Reala can be a little too serious, and her strong sense of responsibility is occasionally a hindrance. She is, however, quite powerful, and can hold her own against most foes. Her mysterious nature also serves to intrigue Kyle, who is drawn to her because of her exotic nature. Reala is a year older, and a couple inches shorter, than Kyle.

The first of two new characters revealed is Loni Dunamis, a graduate of the Crest orphanage who is eight years Kyle's senior. Tall and strong, he is a Knight Hospitaler in service of the god Atmon, and is charged with protecting the lives of innocent people. Seemingly irresponsible and insincere, Loni is actually a devoted older brother, calculating and cool-headed. This comes in very handy when faced with the dilemma of Kyle, who tends to fly off the handle at every opportunity. Still, he relishes his role as an older brother, and is very understanding, in the end.

The other new character revealed is decidedly more malevolent towards Kyle than Loni; Judas is a dark swordsman who appears to cause trouble whenever Kyle needs it the least. He is a gifted fencer, and never removes his mask, hiding his face from everyone. Judas is sixteen years old.

Namco will likely continue to release details on ToD 2 regularly, if the recent pace of its news is any indication. The game will be out in Japan by year's end, although no information has been given on a possible North American release.

by Andrew Long    
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