Samurai Evolution Character Tidbits

With the game's release date fast approaching, Enix has revealed some story information on Samurai Evolution as well as clarifying what "X" is; specifically, each character carries a weapon known as a Yaika, which can be used to leech power out of a creature called the Ekusu X. Power so absorbed enables the weapon to change shape, and can also be used to create other objects which may be helpful.

The game's storyline apparently has multiple possibilities, as players can opt to pick either a male or female character when starting out. Depending upon which character is selected, players will then encounter a variety of supporting characters. Included in their number are Muramasa, a character who can transform into a wolf, Kotetsu, who is the best friend of both main characters, Syuu, a boy genius, Yuki, a fearsome fighter who draws her power from the red lotus, and Fay, a holy maiden who is a master of the star battle. Also along for the ride are Rinze, leader of the Sakura country's battle corps, Yuki's rival Tsukiko, who is very strong with her sword, Sacra, a girl shrouded in mystery who appears suddenly in front of the hero, and Akira, who as a general of a secret organization was responsible for the kidnapping of Sakura's VIPs.

With this diverse cast, the plot promises to be at least moderately engaging. Japanese gamers will have a chance to find out a month from now, when the game is released in Japan. No word of a North American release has yet been given.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magicbox]
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