SQUAREDANCE Limited Edition Selling Like Hotcakes

RPGamers who love the music from their favorite titles will be pleased to hear that the limited edition of the SQUAREDANCE collection, produced by KFSS Studios in conjunction with OneUp Studios, is currently available on the company's website. The talented people at KFSS Studios are behind the videogame music compilation Project Majestic Mix, as well as several other such collections. SQUAREDANCE is the latest of these titles, and features versions of tracks from a selection of thirteen Square titles, remixed into virtually every dance style imaginable.

The limited edition set features an extended tracklist that spans 23 tracks and two CDs, and also possesses the notable advantage of being available right away, unlike its standard edition counterpart which has yet to be given an official release date. Those who are interested will have to hurry, though; over 625 of the 900 limited edition copies have been sold already, so get on over to KFSS's ordering area if you're interested. The limited edition release markets for $39.99, while a price has yet to be determined for the standard release.

by Andrew Long    
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