Ubi Soft Brings Lunar Legends Over After All
Lunar Legend

Sometimes, in bigger companies, things just get mixed up. That's what happened when RPGamer debunked the rumor that Ubi Soft was bringing Lunar Legend to North America. Lucky for RPGamer that the guys at Hidden Galaxy dropped a note that not only was the game listed on Access Ingram's website, but the game had a UPC.

After checking out the UPC, finding that it was indeed owned by Ubi Soft, a phone call was made. Now Ubi Soft can firmly say that Lunar Legend IS coming to North America, and they will be publishing it. This area of the office just didn't know about it until recently. It happens.

Ubi Soft will be making the official announcement late this week. If the Access Ingram website is accurate, Lunar Legend should be in stores as soon as November 13th of this year at a retail price of $39.99.

by Doug Hill    
Source: [Hidden Galaxy]
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