Earth & Beyond Payment Options Announced

Westwood Studios has outlined the various ways in which it will take your money once you subscribe to its upcoming MMORPG Earth & Beyond. After the initial price of $44.99 for the game, the basic monthly rate for play on Earth & Beyond will be $12.99, but there are a number of packages players can choose from to drop the price. Three month blocks come at a discounted rate of $11.99 a month ($35.97), while players who sign on for six months will be able to do so for $10.99 monthly, or $65.94 altogether.

Each of the above options is available to players who register the game's retail version, and will be payable by all major credit cards. For those who don't have access to plastic, however, there is still hope: Westwood will be offering Game Time cards at retail locations. These cards will allot players 90 days of playtime, and will go on sale at the same time as Earth & Beyond. They will be slightly pricier than online payment options, however; each Game Time card will cost $39.99.

"Our goal is to offer players as many options as possible when subscribing to the game," said Craig Alexander, vice president and executive producer of Earth & Beyond. "We've worked hard to create an accessible massively-multiplayer game. In addition to choosing how they want to play -- whether it's exploring, trading, or fighting -- players can also choose exactly how they want to pay for the subscription." The decision-making begins next month, when Earth & Beyond is set for release.

by Andrew Long    
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