RPGamer Interviews Yoshitaka Amano
Yoshitaka Amano

Recently, RPGamer had the pleasure of interviewing the Man behind the Moogle, Mr. Yoshitaka Amano. Here is the interview:

RPGamer: How did you get into artwork, and how did you get into video game artwork?

Amano: I started my career at Tatsunoko Production, and I was approached by game software maker Square for video game artwork, as I was then working on Final Fantasy.

RPGamer: How many projects have you worked on during your career?

Amano: I am always involved in multiple projects. If you are interested, please go to the website. I am currently working on the online game version of Final Fantasy 11.

RPGamer: From where do you draw your inspiration?

Amano: I have never really thought about it, but I have always tried to believe what I have within myself and express them in drawings.

RPGamer: What Final Fantasy character did you enjoy designing the most?

Amano: Mog

RPGamer: What medium do you prefer to do your artwork in, and why?

Amano: First, I expand my image with pencil drawings. The rest is just an extension of it.

RPGamer: Which project have you enjoyed working on the most?

Amano: Basically, I enjoy drawing, so I enjoy them all equally. I am particularly comfortable when I am given complete artistic freedom.

RPGamer: Have you ever worked on a project that you wished you had not?

Amano: Thatís exactly how I feel every time I accept a project offer. This is a very good question.

RPGamer: What do you think of the continuing trend towards more realism in character design and presentation?

Amano: I believe that realism is one of the major drawing styles. I think the world will be more fun if there are various styles.

RPGamer: Are there any plans for another showing of your artwork in the United States?

Amano: The NY exhibits will continue through the end of August, and the next exhibits are scheduled for October in Los Angeles.

RPGamer: Are there any collaborative projects currently in the works?

Amano: I have some plans, but I havenít started yet.

RPGamer would like to thank Mr. Amano for taking time out of his schedule to answer these questions. RPGamer would also like to thank Akiko Mukae from Amano's office for setting up the interview. Finally, thanks to FansView for the picture of Amano. If you would like to view galleries of Amano's work, visit his webpage: Amano's World.

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