Nintendo Lures RPG Talent

Gamecube owners fretting about a relative lack of RPGs on Nintendo's shiny little box may have had their prayers answered today, as it has been discovered that Manabu Yamana has started up a new company under the loving care of Nintendo, with Creatures, Inc. being involved around the edges. Mr. Yamana is the brains behind Heartbeat, the company that coded Dragon Warrior VII and Dragon Quest IV's PlayStation version for Enix. Upon the latter's release, Heartbeat simply vanished from sight, its website dispatched and staff dispersed, and Mr.Yamana's decision on what to do next was much anticipated.

Now that Mr. Yamana is working with Creatures, Inc. staffers and under Nintendo's guidance, expect a number of RPG projects to pop up for Nintendo platforms in the near future. Specifically, a number of Pokémon titles may soon be appearing on a Game Boy Advance or Gamecube near you, as Creatures, Inc. is the creator of the Pokémon characters. Expect announcements on upcoming titles over the next little while, which RPGamer will be sure to bring to you as they are made.

by Andrew Long    
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