Namco Bitten By the Spin-Off Bug

The fruits of an agreement between Namco and Enix appear ready for harvest, a little more than a year after the two companies agreed to churn out various memorabilia based upon their more popular titles. Specifically, a Xenosaga manga will soon be released. There will be two different versions of the comic book: one chronicling the history surrounding the game, and another, more lighthearted strip detailing the adventures of the game's characters.

Although no date of availability has yet been clarified, it is expected that manga dealing with the game's story will sell for 600 yen ($4.99 US) a pop, while the humorous version will sell for 800 yen a book, or $6.65 US. Meanwhile, North American gamers continue to wait in expectation of Xenosaga's release, which has yet to be nailed down to a specific date.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Sugoi]
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