Breath of Fire: Dragon's Quarter Tidbits

More plot details have arisen concerning Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. Specifically, the strange numerical jumble that appears after Ryu's name has been explained; "Ryu = 1/8192" is Ryu's name and citizen ID. The ID number also indicates the character's hidden strength, although how this number reveals this strength is not exactly clear. As has already been revealed, Ryu, a member of the Ranger faction, is a security chief in an underground city that is the setting for BoF: DQ.

Ranger is a government-sponsored organization, and it seems all is not well in Shelter. An opposing faction to Ranger, Trinity, is planning an attack on the city, and Ryu is assigned to deal with the members of this faction. Still, at the outset, there is no clear reason for Trinity's actions and its overall goals are unclear. At the start of the game, Ryu must deal with the group's activities in the Life Port section of the underground city. There are two other areas: living quarters, known as Shelter, and Lower Zone, a series of dungeons that span through the ground underneath the city.

Capcom is currently planning a winter release for BoF: Dragon Quarter in Japan, although no specific date has yet been mentioned. The game has yet to be confirmed for North American release, but it is hard to imagine it will not end up receiving a localization eventually.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magicbox]
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